Betting on corridors, you will be left without pants, not immediately, but after a while. Аnalyzes the strategy, which is only good on paper.

Corridors in betting allow you to make a profit even with one correct choice out of two. And with a little bit of luck, it is possible to snatch a jackpot! But the reality is not so optimistic. In this article we will discuss what are corridors in sports betting and consider strategies for soccer, basketball and tennis.

What is a corridor in sports betting

A corridor in sports pari match website betting is a strategy of two bets on the same market, with one or both picks sure to go in.

The width of the corridor is the range of values at which both choices will play.

Most often, corridors are played on handicaps or totals.

For example, in the soccer match "Spartak" - "Lokomotiv" you bet on the total of goals greater than 1.5 and the total of goals less than 4.5. The following options are possible:

  • If no more than one goal will be scored, only the first bet will go through,
  • if two to four goals are scored, both options will be valid,
  • If five or more goals are scored, only the second bet will go through.

The width of the corridor is three goals.

Basketball Corridor

In the Golden State Warriors - New York Knicks basketball game, at one bookmaker's office you bet on a total over 218.5 points for odds of 1.53 and on a total under 229.5 points for odds of 1.53.

The width of the corridor is 11 points. If the teams score between 219 and 229 points, both picks will play.
Each bet will pay out $153: $100 x 1.53. You will be in the black by $106: $153 x 2 - 100 x 2.

If teams score less than 219 points or more than 219 points, one bet wins.The payout will be $153: 100 x 1.53. You'll be out $47: 100 x 2 - 100 x 1.53.