The amount of winnings depends on the odds, so it is better to bet in the most popular sport. Among traditional competitions soccer is considered to be such, but if we are talking about cybersports - definitely Dota 2.

Why is it profitable

There are several reasons, for starters - a huge number of competitions. Large or local tournaments are literally always held, making betting on Dota the most popular service of cybersports bookmakers online pari match. Special offers should not be ignored either. Given the relative newness of cybersports for Runet, bookmakers periodically run promotions for specific games. Dota most often gets on such a list.

What types of bets are available

Dota 2 can also be interesting due to a variety of mechanics that allow you to create a variety of betting targets.


  • Outcome. The most popular option with an attempt to predict the winner.
  • Total kills. By studying the composition of the team and the selected characters, it is much easier to calculate the final value than, for example, the number of goals in soccer.
  • Total time. Betting on the duration of the match is ideal for the game mechanics, given, albeit dependent on the skills of the team, but still a fairly linear passage of three specific directions.
  • Handicap Handicap. A good solution for a tournament that involves more than one game.

What to consider for maximum chances to win

The peculiarity of Dota 2 is that different betting options are better suited for a particular team - there is simply no universal option. An aggressive team in any case will finish the match earlier, coming to victory or defeat faster. At the same time, "Total Kills" does not necessarily mean winning the competition, because killing an opponent's unit and tearing down his base are completely different things.

You can play lucky, but it's better to learn at least a little bit about teams and character traits. Cybersport is still quite a new phenomenon for bookmakers Runet, so there is less information on the web. Deciding to seriously try betting on Dota 2, it is recommended to subscribe to at least a few English-language sites dedicated to the topic.