Social Responsibility

With a continuing willingness to provide better lifestyle to our customers with  Our Products, also aims to bring colors of life and opportunity to the less-privileged.



We believe in the Sanskrit Phrase, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, meaning the whole world is my family and taking this a step further, our business team has been catering to the needs of an orphan home that is very close to our hearts.

Coming from the throes of mismanagement, a complete lack of amenities marred the living
conditions of more than 60 people in this orphan home. Our Business team, successfully set
this right and our company is now providing the basic needs in the form of clean clothing,
hygienic shelter space and with a relentless passion to bring the young ones on a level
playing ground with their peers.


The team has also successfully provided for physical and mental health wellness consultations to the membersof this orphan home. Education is provided to the young school-going children and
vocational training to the middle-aged..

Our hearts couldn’t contain sorrow and disbelief when many of the kids (boys and girls) were
diagnosed with Protein-Energy Malnutrition, a condition caused due to severe calorie deficit
in their diets for more than 6 months. This results in reduced IQ, muscle-wasting and
hormonal imbalances. Taking this challenge head-on, Nutritious food is served to these kids
and also to the adults keeping in mind their body status (Hypertension and/or diabetes).
All in all, with your continued support we plan to take this Orphan home to the next level by
being able to create jobs and also train each of its members in the basics of computer use.