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What is Affiliate program and How to earn money from it?

Affiliate is a simple marketing concept which is already running by many E-commerce companies. It’s an easy money and part time earning program.
-Just register in our affiliate program at: https://stayclassy.in/affiliate-area/ and generate ID and password. Get an instant INR 20 signup Bonus in your affiliate account.
– Share a Link to your friends/family and recommend. And get INR 50 per every conversions.

Is There a Cost in Signing Up for an Affiliate Program?

No it’s totally free. If you join us in our affiliate program, you generally won’t be required to pay a fee.

Do I Need a Website to Get Started as an Affiliate?

You don’t need to have a website as an affiliate.

How to promote products?

We will provide you product banners so that you can get confidence during sharing our product. You can post ads/links on social media sites that allow that, for instance one way to market as an affiliate without a website is on YouTube. At the very least, you should have a blog where you can market as an affiliate. Remember that the more places you advertise, the more response you’ll get – it’s a numbers game. Also remember to post links to all of your social media pages, blogs, and other websites across the board; if you advertise via a YouTube channel, for example, be sure to post links to your websites, channels, and social media pages there.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing.

Source of Full-time passive income.

You can work from anywhere in the world

Turn your passion into your business.

Fully flexible working schedule.

No prior knowledge required.

You don’t need to do selling in person.

You don’t need to produce your own products.

You don’t need to handle shipping & customer service.

How much time do I need to invest in my business?

There’s no exact time you need to invest into your business. You can put in 2 hours a week or you can put in 2 hours a day. It’s totally up to you and depends on whether you have other commitments.
The fact is, the more time you spend on your business, the faster you can see results and the more money you earn.So, if you want to see better results and earnings, you should invest more time into your business, if possible